SITECH is a distribution network for the most reliable and rugged construction technology systems available to the heavy and highway contractor today. The experienced construction professionals at your SITECH dealership provide local customer service, personalised training and technical support.

The team at the SITECH dealership understands how to apply innovative construction technology to effectively solve some of the biggest challenges in the construction industry. They will guide you on how to leverage Trimble machine control systems for your entire fleet of heavy equipment along with Trimble’s complete portfolio of Connected Site solutions Site Positioning Systems, Construction Asset Management Services, construction software and powerful wireless and internet-based infrastructures.

Learn how easy it is to utilise technology that makes significant improvements in project workflow-dramatically increases your production, improves your accuracy and lowers your operating costs. And the proof that it works: documented increases on your bottom-line.

Adopt construction technology and accelerate the growth of your company. With the addition of Trimble site-wide solutions to your heavy and highway projects, you’re in a more powerful competitive position in the marketplace. Whether you choose to start small or go all in, the expanded capability will enable you to earn the bid and be profitable, project after project.

Grow your business our dedicated and focused team making sure that you have the most up to date site productivity solutions available.

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