Automatic Levels

Automatic LevelsNikon Automatic Levels are easy to set up and use. All three models can attach to both flat and spherical head tripods. Nikon optics effectively let in more light, so you see brighter, sharper images-especially in low-light conditions. The Nikon Automatic Level Series comprises of the AP-8, AC-2C and AX-2S. They are compact and lightweight, yet tough and robust.

Precise Levels

Precise LevelsNikon Precise Automatic Levels feature waterproof, nitrogen-filled, high-power telescopes that help you make precise measurements even in the wettest conditions. A mirror with a pentaprism lets you view the circular bubble as an erect image during setup and sighting. The Nikon Precise Automatic Level Series comprises of the AS-2C and AE-7C. They are compact, lightweight, yet precise and robust.

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